New Materials

  • Metallic colors, gold silver etc.
  • 6 and 8mm molecular lighting
  • Night and day
  • Led in 5 colors
  • Clear cast up to 100mm, Rods and Bars up to 100mm, Tubes clear up to 650mm. Tubes and rods in color too.
  • Decorative materials “STONE” and “IRIDIS”
  • Polystyrene in sheets clear and opal
  • Satine (two sides) 3-5-8mm 2030 X 3050mm
  • Pet in sheets 2.5-3 & 4mm clear
  • Useful acrylic parts: hinges-lockers-knobs- distances, scoop, tweezers, optic nose part, bolts and nuts, acrylic foot, decorative screw heads-metallic.

New product

  • Semi spheres up to 1300mm clear or color
  • Electronic bulletin boards with tile control and wooden tripods.
  • Molecular signs, led lighting by Olympia electronics.
  • Acrylic mirror presentation stands
  • Digital printing
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